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High performance bio-materials
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bio sheet extrusion

How we can help

We offer a plastic-free, compostable packaging bio-material. Designed for recycling in the UK through composting.  Ensuring customer satisfaction through high strength, low odour and good texture.

Planet Friendly Material

  • High renewable content
  • Compostable bio-material
  • Light on the planet’s resources
  • Heavy on functionality 
  • Shelf life of more than a year when stored correctly

No plastic left behind

  • Helps meet customer eco expectations
  • Helps reduce your CO2 burden
  • Enables closed-loop packaging
  • Created from the earth to be returned to the earth
  • Designed for composting or energy recovery through incineration

Biodegradable & Compostable

  • EN13432 Certified Home Compost (film up to 70 microns)
  • EN13432 Certified Industrial Compost in all other forms

Soil to soil ……


When compostable packaging is composted, valuable nutrients and organic carbon are returned to the soil, enhancing soil quality and replacing some of the topsoil lost annually due to erosion.  Our compostable bio-material offers the pefect closed-loop packaging solution.

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soil to soil

Compostable bio-material designed for all conversion technologies.


No need to change existing machinery.

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bio film

Film Blowing


thermoformed bio trays



bio formable base web

Formable Base Web

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Injection Moulding compound


bio compound

Bottle Blowing compound

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Packaging Consultation


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