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Are you looking to align your packaging with your sustainability goals?

We are here to help you reduce your packaging's dependency on fossil plastics and improve your CO2 burden.

Bio-Based & Compostable Material

Our bio-material offers high strength, low odour and
good texture, ensuring customer satisfaction.
All our materials are certified Industrial Compostable
Home Compostable in film form up to 70mu
Fit for purpose
Made in Europe

Let us help you make a difference!



Material created from the earth and designed to be returned to the earth.

Bio-Based & Compostable Packaging Solutions


Designed to be eco-friendly

Designed to run on your current machines

Designed to replace fossil plastics

Designed for food contact

Designed to be composted

Designed to reduce your impact on our world


Suitable for all conversion technologies



Sheet extrusion & food trays produced by Glendale Plastics Ltd, our thermoforming partner of choice, BRC approved

Film Blowing


Home Compostable film up to 70 microns and Industrial Compostable in all thicknesses.

Formable Base Web


Industrial Compostable.  High renewable content.

Injection Moulding


Supply of compound & technical support

Bottle Blowing


Supply of compound & technical support